Lupa Strand Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Registered office: 2011 Budakalász, Tó utca 1. e-mail: lupato@lupato.hu
Public health supervisory authority:
Pest County Government Office
Szentendre District Office, Public Health Department
Address: 2000 Szentendre, Dózsa György u. 8. Phone: +36 (26) 501 900
Fax: +36 (26) 501 940
E-mail: jarasihivatal@szentendre.pmkh.gov.hu

In case of a complaint, you may contact the following authorities:
Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection Address: 1088 Budapest, József krt. 6. Phone: +36 (1) 4594 999
Budakalász Municipality Public Notary of the Mayor’s Office Address: 2011 Budakalász, Pető tér 1.
Phone: +36 (26) 340 266
Email: info@budakalasz.hu
Pest County Conciliation Panel
Address: 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. 2. em. 240. Phone: +36 (1)-269-0703
Fax: +36 (1)-269-0703
E-mail: pmbekelteto@pmkik.hu
Website: www.panaszrendezes.hu

General provisions

1. These rules (hereinafter: the “Rules”) apply to the whole area of Lupa Beach (hereinafter: the “Beach”).
1.1. Please comply with these Rules and the instructions of the Beach staff.
1.2. By buying an entrance ticket Beach visitors accept the provisions of these Rules binding. It is your sole responsibility to read and understand the requirements and provisions of these Rules.
1.3. If you fail to comply with these Rules, the Beach may revoke services and in justified cases may ban you from the Beach area.
1.4. An electronic surveillance system is in operation at the Beach, which visitors acknowledge by purchasing an entrance ticket. Entry to the Beach and specific events are recorded on digital video.
Data processing information
Purpose of data processing: personal and property protection.
Legal basis of data processing: implicit conduct based on Section 30(2) of Act CXXXIII of 2005 on security services and the activities of private investigators.
Storage location of recordings: area of the Beach.
Retention time: 3 (three) business days of images based on the provisions of Act CXXXIII of 2005 on security services and the activities of private investigators.
Surveillance system operator: Lupa Strand Kft.
Persons authorised to access the data: Lupa Strand Kft., its employees and data subjects with respect to the enforcement of claims regarding the integrity of the personality rights and pecuniary interests of data subject, proceeding authorities and courts.
2. Opening hours
2.1. Beach daily opening hours in season: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m., however, it is not allowed to go into the water 30 days before sunset and afterwards (rounded up to the hour or half hour).
Ticket office opening hours: from 9 a.m. to 30 minutes before sunset (rounded up to the hour or half hour).
2.2. The Beach management may change the Beach opening hours in justified cases (e.g. official holidays, private events), however, visitors are informed thereof in advance as far as possible on the website and on a notice board at the entrance gate.
2.3. The operator may close all or part of the Beach in justified cases (technical reasons, event, etc.), which does not entitle visitors to claim damages.
2.4. The operator reserves the right to decide at its own discretion to change the fees if less services are available due to technical reasons.
3. Admission
3.1. You must buy the appropriate ticket or present your admission document (pass, ticket bought in advance) upon entry to the Beach.
3.2. Admission to the Beach is in order of arrival. The operator may apply a different admission scheme in justified cases.
3.3. Tickets are valid for one entry on the day of purchase (or on a specific day for tickets bought in advance). Passes may be used throughout their validity for admission as many times as indicated or during the season. Tickets expire upon exit and you may not use it to return to the Beach, however, the operator may override this at its discretion in justified cases.
3.4. Tickets are valid only for the services they are issued for.
3.5. Visitors eligible to discounts:
(i) children (between 0-12, you must be able to verify your age at the operator’s request by a valid student card or other appropriate document, ID card issued by a Hungarian institution)
(ii) other discounted types of tickets specified by the operator may be bought if the conditions for the discount set by the operator prevail
(e.g. presenting an ID, address card, discount card).
The Beach reserves the right to decide the authenticity of the presented proof that makes you eligible for discount.
3.6. The price of the ticket does not include the price of additional services (hospitality, rentals, luggage locker, etc.)
4. Beach safety rules
4.1. All visitors may use the Beach and its services only at their own responsibility and in awareness of their health condition. You may enter the lake only at the signs, not further than the buoys indicating the limits of the swimming area, and within the specified period. Weak swimmers may not go to deep water.
No jumping in the water (to avoid cold shock) and no underwater swimming for extended periods.
4.2. People with fever, infectious or skin diseases, injuries or open wounds, or under the influence of narcotics or medicine with stupefying effects, or alcohol may not enter the Beach and the water.
It is strictly forbidden to go into the water intoxicated! Highly intoxicated persons may not be at the Beach. The operator may request such persons to leave the Beach and may be removed upon failure to comply.
Persons with the above symptoms who use or intend to use services may be refused to enter the Beach or to use the services.
If you fail to meet the above health and hygiene criteria, the Beach staff may request you to attend a medical check – independent of the Beach – to establish that you mean no danger to other visitors.
Children under 14 must always be supervised or accompanied by a parent or an adult (you must be able to verify your age at the operator’s request by presenting an authentic document, e.g. student pass, personal ID, etc.). Not toilet trained children must wear special water-proof nappies.
Children under 14 must always be accompanied in water by a parent or other adult.
4.3. It is strictly forbidden and dangerous to go into the water from outside the fence.!
4.4. Sports fields may only be used with prior agreement. Playground installations, sports fields and equipment may only be used for the proper and intended use, and at your own responsibility. Children under 14 must always be accompanied by an adult. The detailed rules and fees (if any) of the sports fields and equipment are displayed on the spot.
4.5. Smoking is allowed if it does not disturb other visitors. Make sure to put your cigarette butts in the dedicated collection trays and put your waste in the designated dustbins. Apart from the above, no smoking is allowed within 5 metres of the entrance of entertainment and catering facilities at the Beach, and the perimeter of the children’s playground.
4.6. Parking is only allowed in designated areas. It is forbidden to bring or drive a motor vehicle or sports equipment outside the designated parking lot, or bring or ride bicycles or other human powered vehicle beyond the designated bicycle storage at the Beach (except for service vehicles).
Non-motor driven water sports equipment may be brought and used at the Beach only according to purpose without risking or disturbing the other visitors. Sports equipment specified as such by the operator may only be used at the designated areas.
4.7. All visitors must comply with the instructions on warning signs, pictograms, etc.
4.8. The operator may automatically deny the service to visitors who refuse to use the protective equipment required for use of the service.
4.9. The furniture, equipment and installations at the Beach must be used according to purpose. Visitors damaging Beach equipment and installations, sports and other equipment, or the plants, etc. on purpose or through negligence must pay all damage resulting therefrom. It is forbidden to use the benches, chairs, sunbeds, porch swings and other furniture other than their intended use, or – except for the sunbeds – move them. The operator assumes no responsibility for damage visitors cause to other visitors. Visitors who suffer a damage may enforce their damage claims directly against the visitor who caused the damage.
4.10. Making fires, or using music players in a way that is disturbing others is not allowed. You are expected to behave without risking or jeopardising your own or others’ health or safety, or disturbing other visitors. It is also forbidden to behave in violation of public morals, public order or the rules of coexistence, therefore, for example
• (i) use obscene or foul language,

• (ii) physical abuse,

• (iii) sexually motivated body contact, and

• (iv) any and all conduct that may imply sexual contact, or

is suitable to shock, offend or alarm others.
4.11. You must follow the instructions of the Beach staff in the case of a fire or bomb alarm, bad weather conditions and other extraordinary incidents.
4.12. The Beach and the operator assumes no liability for damages caused to visitors by commercial facilities operating in the Beach area and other contracted service providers at the Beach.
4.13. No animals are admitted to the Beach apart from watchdogs and assistance dogs as specified in SZMM Decree 27/2009 (XII. 3.) of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour.
4.14. The Beach assumes no responsibility for objects, valuables, etc. dropped in the water.
4.15. You must wear appropriate swimwear at the Beach, except for the designated naturist area. To maintain water quality, you may not enter the water with non-waterproof, oily or other sunscreen on.
4.16. Catering facilities at the Beach do not serve severely intoxicated visitors. No drinks, food or cutlery from catering facilities or otherwise is allowed in the water.
4.17. It is forbidden to bring objects capable of causing accidents, injury, shock or offence, etc. (bottles, glasses, etc.), flammable or explosive materials, weapons, chemicals, etc. to the Beach. It is also forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages, and other beverages or food in excess of personal needs (one bottle of up to 2.5 litre plastic bottle of water or soft drink per person, food for consumption) to the Beach.
Food and drink you bring may be consumed without disturbing the other visitors. You may not take such food and drinks, or their packaging into the water, and you should dispose of the waste in the designated dustbins.
4.18. It is forbidden to sell anything, distribute flyers or beg.
5. Health care, first aid
5.1. Any sicknesses or accidents in the Beach are treated at the designated first aid room by a trained staff member and appropriate means. The first aid room is free to use for any health complaints related to the use of the Beach.
5.2. The person appointed by the Beach manager is to provide professional care in the case of injuries, sicknesses, water related assistance and other matters requiring first aid.
5.3. A record is drawn of injuries, accidents and damage to visitors. The injured party or the person accompanying them and the first aid staff member confirm treatment and any justified remarks by the parties by signing.
6. Complaint form, lost & found, luggage locker
6.1. The complaint form is available at the ticket office. The Beach manager must investigate all complaints, comments and suggestions according to the applicable rules, and take action based on the findings of the investigation.
6.2. If you find any lost property, please leave it at the ticket office where it is entered in the lost&found register.
6.3. You can get your key to the luggage locker at the ticket office. The luggage locker is merely for convenience and the Beach assumes no responsibility for objects in the lockers, or for any clothes or other property left in the dressing lockers or dressing cabins.
The Beach does not assume responsibility for clothes and other object brought to the Beach, or any property left in the bicycle storage.
It is not recommended to have valuable jewels or large amounts of cash, etc. to the Beach, because the Beach assumes no responsibility for them.
7. Parking lot
7.1. The parking lot attached to and located outside the Beach is not guarded. Parking is subject to a fee.
7.2. The Beach assumes no responsibility for the vehicles left in the parking lot, for any damage to the vehicles or for any property left in the vehicles.
7.3. The road code (KRESZ) must be observed in the parking lot. Any person causing damage resulting from the violation of the road code (KRESZ) and improper use of the parking lot will have full liability under administrative, civil, etc. law.
8. Miscellaneous provisions
8.1. These Rules apply to everybody in the territory of the Beach. Persons failing to comply with these Rules may be refused to be served.
Any person violating these Rules, upsetting order at the Beach or disturbing other visitors must be removed from the Beach and refused to use the services of the Beach. Authority involvement may be requested to enforce this if necessary.
Persons on duty at the Beach are public officials and as such are entitled to protection for public officials.
8.2. Visitors appearing on any publicity or advertising material, etc. (video, photo, audio, etc.) created by the operator at the Beach to present or promote its activities and services may not have any claims from the operator or anybody with respect to their appearance on the advertising material or other medium.
8.3. These Rules come into effect on 13 July 2016 and are applicable to all visitors who enter the territory of the Beach or the parking lot attached to the Beach.
The operator reserves the right to change these Rules. The updated Rules come into effect when they are published.