Data processing information

Purpose of processing: security, i.e. personal and property protection (1), electronic ticket sale (2), data associated with the use of smart phone application (3).

(1) Legal basis of data processing: implicit conduct based on Section 30(2) of Act CXXXIII of 2005 on security services and the activities of private investigators.

Storage location of recordings: area of the Beach.

Retention time: 3 (three) business days of images based on the provisions of Act CXXXIII of 2005 on security services and the activities of private investigators.

Surveillance system operator: Lupa Strand Kft.

Persons authorised to access the data: Lupa Strand Kft., its employees and data subjects with respect to the enforcement of claims regarding the integrity of the personality rights and pecuniary interests of data subject, proceeding authorities and courts.

(2) Purpose of processing: provision of the online store service on the website and in the application, manage and service orders, document purchases and payments, fulfilment of accounting obligations, performance of the ordered services and dispatch the associated notifications (technical notifications regarding the beach/event, therefore, e.g. changes in beach opening hours, changes to or cancellation of events, change of dates, parking information, etc.), payment execution with the payment provider, performance of the contract.

Legal basis of data processing: performance of the contract, Article 6(1)b) of the GDPR.

Scope of processed data: e-mail address, type, price, number, date and time of ticket(s).

Data deletion deadline: 15 days from the last login to the transaction. In the case of a dispute regarding the purchase transaction, the Service Provider retains the data for the duration of such dispute. The legal basis for this is the Service Provider’s legitimate interest, Article 6(1)f) of the GDPR.

Possible consequences of the failure to supply data: failure of the purchase transaction.


(3) a. Geolocation 

If the User uses the service using a mobile device (e.g. smart phone), the application, once downloaded, may request permission to use the User’s location as data (e.g. when using the “Nearby” function) for the features requiring geolocation. 

Purpose of data processing: When permitted by the User, the application can offer customised searches that consider the User’s location at the given time. The location as data is not registered in the Data Controller’s system, but only enables the use of certain functions (more accurate search, “Nearby” function, etc.) available during a given transaction.

Legal basis of data processing: the data subject’s voluntary consent, Article 6(1)a) of the GDPR.

Scope of processed data: users’ geographical location at a given point in time, IP address. 

Term of data processing: 3 days 

Possible consequences of the failure to supply data: not full usability of the mobile device functionalities. 

(3) b. Statistical data

The data controller may use the data for statistical purposes. The use of data in a statistically aggregated form may not include the relevant user’s name or any other data capable of identifying such user in any form.

(3) c. Technically collected data during the operation of the system

Technically collected data include the data of the User’s computer used for login that are generated during the use of the service, and are consequently logged automatically by the Data Controller’s system as the result of technical processes (e.g. IP address, session ID). By virtue of the operation of the internet, the system automatically logs automatically collected data – through internet use – without the declaration or action of the User. Internet does not work without such automatic server-client communications. Except in cases specified as mandatory by law, these data may not be combined with the User’s other personal data. Only the Data Controller has access to the data. Log files generated automatically and technically during the operation of the system are stored in the system for a duration reasonable in terms of ensuring the operation of the system.