Tom Yum

Real Thai food prepared by masters.

The popularity of Thai food has grown rapidly among gourmets around the world, and
one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Although most people consider chilli to be the dominant ingredient in Thai food, this is far from the truth. Be it special spices, fragrant Thai curries, soups, savoury salads or sweet desserts, these flavours create a harmony that once tasted, they can never forget.

Our traditional TOM YUM Thai restaurant, which is very different from Hungarian gastronomy, first opened on Andrássy Road in 2012, then on Soroksári Road in 2015 and in Budakeszi in 2017.
After many years of uninterrupted success, in 2019 we opened our new unit in Lupa Beach, where only Thai chefs keep the secrets of traditional recipes and prepare the delicacies of this culture.

We hold the Thai Select Premium certification, which is awarded by the Royal Thai Government to restaurants around the world that reflect premium quality, authentic flavours and genuine Thai methods.

What makes us special?

We strive to follow the latest trends in gastronomy, while preserving the authenticity of our food
the original, unadulterated flavours of our dishes. We strive to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of our activities
We offer freshly prepared dishes without meat/animal derivatives, as well as lactose and gluten-free versions.
It has become our heartfelt mission to make this diversity known to everyone.
With families in mind, our units also offer a children’s menu.