My Fish Seafood

Waterfront fish gastronomy at its best.

Unique, exciting and extravagant fish dinners presented by fish chef and oyster sommelier Péter Szabó, fish and seafood dinners at Lake Lupa every two weeks.

With decades of experience in fish gastronomy and years of experience in the fish trade, we do our business to the great delight of our guests. Our expertise, dedication and uncompromising standards in both the ingredients and the knowledge of our staff entitle us to claim that we have one of the best fish kitchens in Budapest. Our recipes can come from all over the world and we don’t want to reinvent anything. We don’t use fusion cuisine, we don’t do “fine dining” style dishes and we certainly don’t put microcosms on your plate. Our food is healthy, nutritious and above all very tasty. Our inspiration comes from the world of fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Exciting food and wine pairings, classic international recipes and spectacular serving techniques.

Book your place on the calendar for our next dinner evening and enjoy our special four-course dinner menu with a workshop!

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